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Mohan is a young man who lives with his widowed mother, is in love with a young woman named Shyama, and both would like to get married. Unfortunately, before that could happen, Shyama is shot dead, the police get involved, an eye-witness named Bindiya names Mohan as the killer, as such Mohan is arrested, tried in Court, found guilty and sentenced to be hanged. The only one who believes in Mohan's innocence is his mother, Gangadevi. She advertises in the newspapers offering a reward of Rs.10,000/- to whoever can prove her son innocent, asking readers to direct their responses to Post Box 999. No one ever responds, until after 5 years when a Reporter, Vikas, of "Prakash" publications comes across the ad and decides to prove Mohan innocent. Assisting him are Gangadevi and a young woman named Nilima, eventually both Nilima and Vikas fall in love. Their investigation take them to a variety of people, including Banarsilal, Bindiya who witnessed the killing, and a killer named Shamsher Singh, who abducts Nilima. Now Vikas has only one day to prove Mohan's innocence, and he must use it to either do that or save Nilima from Shamsher's clutches.
Undistinguished Indian attempt at a couple as detectives comedy thriller borrows from Northside 777 and Murder Inc.<br/><br/>Reporter Dutt runs into Shakila on the rail platform, where Sari wearing widow Chitnis is greeting her imprisoned son Kundan in transit. As it turns out the old woman has Rs.10,000, a large sum of money saved to pay for her son&#39;s re-trial.<br/><br/>Dutt persuades the comic editor this is a story and Shakila, after thinking he is stalking her or wanting the widow&#39;s money, joins him in an attempt to crack the case.<br/><br/>Noir elements arrive late, in the spooky hotel and the ruins where the hired killer lives, before feeble courtroom finale.<br/><br/>All studio black and white filming in phony settings, interrupted by unnecessary songs - the ones given the priest and Purnima aren&#39;t bad. The leads get an elaborate club dance. They might register in better material. Interest picks up a bit in the second half but there is little here that requires attention.

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