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For reasons unknown, the earth's inner core has stopped rotating, causing the planet's electromagnetic field to rapidly deteriorate. Instantly, life around the globe begins to change dramatically. In Boston, 32 people with pacemakers, all within a 10-block radius, suddenly drop dead. In San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge collapses, sending hundreds of people plunging to their deaths. In London's Trafalgar Square, flocks of pigeons lose their ability to navigate, flying into panicked crowds, slamming into windshields and causing drivers to lose control of their cars. And in Rome, as thousands of tourists watch helplessly, an electrical superstorm reduces the ancient Roman Colosseum to rubble. Scrambling to resolve the crisis, government and military officials call upon geophysicist Dr. Josh Keyes and a team of the world's most gifted scientists to travel into the earth's core in a subterranean craft piloted by "terranauts" Major Rebecca "Beck" Childs and Commander Robert Iverson. Their mission: Detonate a nuclear device that will reactivate the core and save the world from sure destruction.
Scientists discover that the Earth's core is about to stop spinning. This will cause tremendous natural disasters, wiping out life as we know it. A team of scientists are recruited in a crash project to send a ship and bomb into the center of the Earth to prevent the catastrophe.
Sure the plot is predictable, but this is good cinema. Captivating, and takes advantage of today's production capabilities to provide a much more impressive venture than a '50s or '60s movie. Yet didn't overdue the FX. Exciting and enjoyable.
If the purpose of this movie was to teach the viewer about nuclear physics, then it has failed miserably. Thankfully, it's purpose is one of entertainment. It is in this purpose that the movie succeeds. If you look to much into the science, then you will find many flaws. This is one of those films that you just have to take at face value. There was decent action and special effects and the story was fairly interesting. The whole idea of the world being in danger is not a new concept. There are many similarities to movies like "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact". If you enjoyed those movies, then you will likely enjoy this as well. Because this movie is so comparable to so many of those disaster flicks, "The Core" will likely not have a lasting effect on anyone.
More palatable than most pictures of its ilk due to its keen awareness of its own preposterousness, a self-knowledge exuberantly expressed by a mostly live-wire cast.
When the Earth&#39;s molten core loses its spin, the result of which will mean disaster to the planet, six scientists—geophysicist Professor Josh Keyes (<a href="/name/nm0001173/">Aaron Eckhart</a>), weapons expert Dr Serge Leveque (<a href="/name/nm0001409/">Tchéky Karyo</a>), researcher Conrad Zimsky (<a href="/name/nm0001804/">Stanley Tucci</a>), NASA astronauts Commander Robert Iverson (<a href="/name/nm0339304/">Bruce Greenwood</a>) and Major Rebecca &quot;Beck&quot; Childs (<a href="/name/nm0005476/">Hilary Swank</a>), and rogue scientist Ed &quot;Braz&quot; Brazzelton (<a href="/name/nm0005148/">Delroy Lindo</a>), who has designed a vessel, affectionately named Virgil, that can withstand intense heat and pressure—travel to the center of the Earth through the Mariana Trench and attempt to get the core spinning again by setting off a series of nuclear explosions. The Core is based on a screenplay written by screenwriters Cooper Layne and John Rogers. Most likely no. The deepest any human has gone is seven miles (not even past the crust), and it would take a monumental, if not impossible, effort to get any further. Keep in mind, however, that this is a science fiction movie and that anything can happen. This movie could take place several years in the future, so they may have created the materials needed for the ship to stay intact in the hot temperatures in the Earth&#39;s core. Project DESTINI (Deep Earth Seismic Trigger Initiative) was an attempt to propagate earthquakes through the Earth&#39;s core as a weapon. Designed by Zimsky, DESTINI&#39;s first activation unintentionally stopped the Earth&#39;s rotation instead. The bombs begin to detonate as planned, successfully restarting the core&#39;s rotation. Inside the stalled Virgil, Josh realizes that the unobtainium shell can be used as a solar panel, converting the core heat into energy and giving them enough thrust to escape. Virgil squeezes between two tectonic plates and breaks through the Earth&#39;s crust 800 feet under the Pacific Ocean somewhere near Hawaii. Now lacking the core heat to power the ship, it stops, leaving Josh and Beck without power or communications. In an attempt to attract attention, Josh activates a weak sonar beacon. On the surface, the military picks up sonar signals, which Rat (<a href="/name/nm0702809/">DJ Qualls</a>) recognizes as whale song and realizes that the whales are being attracted to Virgil. Consequently, the military rallies around the whales and locates the ship. Inside Virgil, Josh and Beck are huddled together discussing how the world will never know what Serge, Zimsky, Iverson, and Braz did and why they died. &quot;Unless it all got out somehow,&quot; Josh replies. In the final scene, a week later, Rat logs onto the internet at a Cyber Cafe, revealing to the world the Destini project and the names of the unsung heroes who saved the world. Not very realistic at all. More detailed information about the physics can be gathered from a given review of the movie (made by the Intuitor). After he&#39;s done tinkering with Josh&#39;s phone, Rat tells Josh he won&#39;t be charged for long-distance on the phone for as long as he has it. Presumably, Rat being a technology genius, he was able to use the whistling tone he created with the gum wrapper, in addition to keying in several commands, to reprogram the phone.
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