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Late in the War of 1812, a young Mohawk woman and her two lovers battle a squad of American soldiers hell-bent on revenge.
I asked myself "is this what passes for a film nowadays"? But then I remember many 70's and 80's gore films that I still enjoyed, but weren't in any way good films. So while it is indeed terrible, if you are just looking for a bloody film, then you'll semi-enjoy this one. Everything else is just so incredibly bad, looks like a film made by a group of children. Acting was terrible, story was stupid, wildly historically innacurate, its totally beyond me how film critics could praise this film, probably they do so because it feeds their "powerful woman" and "powerful minorities" quota. This was just so completely laughable, I really was only half-watching it, i would highly recommend you skip this one.
It's 1812 and American soldiers want to get to Fort George? Fort George was the British defense against Fort Niagara, which was their other choice. The Mohawks were in eastern NYS. Where the hell is this happening? The young Mohawk screams during torture. As a rule they valued a brave silence. Some outlandish eye gear and dialogue a bit contemporary… I've written historical fiction set in this era and it would have been easy to fix this.
Viewers who are looking for something thought-provoking as well as thrilling have come to the right place.

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