Where do you want out FC house to be? 4 votes

Gridania 4
Limsa Lominsa 0
Ul'dah 0

Kinishi Site Admin replied

267 weeks ago

I want to get a vote on where we want our house :D There is Uldah, Gridania, and Limsa. Please check them all out before deciding your favorite one ^^ We are going to buy the biggest lot when its available.
the Cookies are MINE!!! =^-^=

Kinishi Site Admin replied

267 weeks ago

Price of Gridanian Housing is around 70-90 mil
Price of Limsa Liminsa Housing is around 80-88 mil
Price of Ul'dah Housing is around 75 mil and 1 is 85 mil

Keep in mind these are the prices of a Large plot in the second ward. I am not considering purchasing a small or medium house, we want the very best! :D
the Cookies are MINE!!! =^-^=

Istari replied

267 weeks ago


Elisa Pendragon Tribunus replied

266 weeks ago


Cailun Daijun replied

265 weeks ago

Yeah my vote is on Gridania as well.

Watt Hughes Munifex replied

257 weeks ago

Definitely Gridania

renson replied

49 weeks ago

The individuals from the FC are what matter, so if larger part need to switch, at that point so be it, and if dominant part need to stay, at that point so be it. It is up to the individuals. Continue Reading: Technology
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